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Eyebrow Microblading Prices

Booking Fee

A non refundable booking fee is required to

 secure your appointment. This will be 

applied to your final total.


Combo Brows

This is a combination of Microblading 

and Microshading for a complete look!


Ombre or Powder Brows

This is Ombre Bold or Powder effect 

achieved with a PMU Machine. 


Nano Brows

Hair Strokes created using a PMU Machine. Lasts longer, more natural and less trauma to the skin than Microblading



Hair Strokes using a Manual tool. Not ideal for oily or mature skin. 




This fee applies ONLY If you would like a consult prior to booking your procedure. 

Once you decide to book an appointment for the procedure i will apply this as your deposit. 


Color Correction

Color correcting of Old PMU tattoo...mustbe somewhat faded already.


Touch up

Refresh, corrections, or changes after 

3 months. 

**If you wait until most of the 

Microblading has faded this will no longer be considered a touch up and will be 

an Initial procedure and charged as such. 


Our Policy

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What our customers are saying

I went in for microblading and OMG did I love the results! I took in a picture of what I wanted and she took great care to ensure I had the shape I desired. She really took her time to ensure I got the results I was hoping for and took the time to explain the technique that was best for my skin type and pigment. No lie, I get compliments 3-4 times a week on my eyebrows and have referred a few people to her who were equally as pleased with their results. If you want the best microbladed eyebrows around, this is the place to go! I don't regret one single $ spent!

Kamille T.- Google Review