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An ongoing series of informational entries all about Tanning!

So Many Lotions??? Whats the difference? AND why do I need to use one?


First let me start off with a few facts and bust those mythes that "I tan better without a lotion or I don't need a tanning lotion its just a gimmick"  YOU ARE WRONG!

Here's how indoor tanning lotions work... Products formulated specifically for indoor tanning enhance and stimulate the body's natural tanning process. Indoor lotions protect the moisture levels in your skin, allowing your pores to open up, and magnify your UV exposure. By controlling your tanning process thru magnification, moisturization, and skin conditioning, you will get a deeper and longer lasting tan. Skin conditioning may just be the most important and often overlooked part of the tanning process. This is what really makes one tanning lotion better than another. Tanning is a biological process requiring a specific sequence of reactions in your skin and having the right nutrients available is crucial to this process. That's the real benefit to indoor tanning lotions.

**Many of the high-quality indoor tanning lotions have a refractive prism of natural oils that cause a magnification of the UV light, this helps intensify your tan. Indoor tanning lotions that contain vitamins, natural oils, minerals, anti-oxidants, natural botanical extracts, and aloe vera give your skin the extra moisture needed to achieve a deeper tan that will last longer than dry, unhealthy skin. Dry skin reflects UV light, so if you are not using an indoor tanning lotion, you can be wasting up to 50% of your tanning session. According to a 14-day study done by the American tanning Institute, 100% of those using indoor tanning lotions showed and overall improvement in tan-ability.


1. MAXIMIZER/ACCELERATOR: These are great for a beginning tanner with exceptionally pale or sensitive skin. These have ingredients that help harness the tanning rays into the skin and build your melanin production. Many of these have great anti-aging elements in them like CoQ-10. If you have especially dry skin, look for a hemp or silicone based formula.

We recommend:


•Mineral Sun Pure

•Tekton Intesifier

2. BRONZER: These are Maximizers with added DHA or natural bronzing agents like Cocoa. There are 2 types: immediate and delayed. Think of these like a spray tan. Immediate is like a bronzing spray tan where the color is instantly seen. Delayed or white bronzing lotion is like a clear spray tan, they develop over a few hours. Either way, make sure that you apply these lotions evenly and wipe your hands off as soon as you are done to avoid streaking your skin. Wait a few hours to shower after using these.

We recommend:

•iBlack 3.0, iInsanity, Mineral Sun VIP (Extreme Dark Bronzers)

•iChameleon & iParty (White/Delayed Bronzers)

•iRadiant, Mineral Sun Bronze & Tekton Bronze (Light Bronzer)

3. TINGLE: These feisty little lotions pack a lot of punch. Hot action lotions contain an active ingredient like benzyl or methyl nicotinate, which promote micro-circulation. More plainly, it increases blood flow and brings oxygen to the cells in your skin. This process of oxygenation will improve your tanning results! Especially if used in combination with UVA beds or our Oxygen Bar.

When you use these products you will experience a mild tingling-itching, reddening and warming sensation on the skin’s surface. These are not recommended for new tanners or sensitive skin. Tingles remain the most effective tanning lotions. Combine them with a good bronzer, or a tingle/bronzer combo lotion and you are sure to have a beautiful, dark tan in no time.

We recommend:

•Bombshell (for anyone with a base tan)

•Tekton by CT Tan & Spicy Black Chocolate (a little more 🔥Fire, not for Tingle Newbies)

4. FACIAL TANNERS: The skin on your face is thinner and more sensitive than the rest of your body. Most tanning lotions are not designed to be applied to your face. They can clog pores and cause breakouts. Opt for a special tanning lotion just for the face. 

We recommend:

•iFace by MRI

Tekton Face

5. LEG TANNERS: The skin on your legs is thick, tough, and constantly exfoliated thru shaving causing you to lose your tan faster!  These lotions are made to penetrate the skin and withstand exfoliation. Most of these lotions also have hair growth inhibitors in them as well. 

We recommend:

•iLegs by MRI

6. AFTER TAN MOISTURIZERS: These lotions are GREAT additions to your lotion purchase. They do a great job of locking in your tan by moisturizing and replenishing the skin with vital minerals which slows down skin exfoliation! Just make sure to apply it within five minutes of getting out of the tanning bed and after you shower. Some even come with small amounts of DHA in them to continue building your color. 

We recommend:

•iExtend by MRI & Hempz Body Lotions